The famouslz beautiful gap between Saxer Höberg and Chrüzberg is called Saxer Lücke
Saxer Lücke, approach from Stauberenkanzel, late June

While this is not a summit and strictly speaking not typically covered on this blog, Saxerlücke is definitely worthwhile destination for a easy day trip from Zurich. And why not part of longer hike containing several summits, including Säntis. And this destination is covered as Saxerlücke is famously beautiful gap between mountains (Lücke stands for a gap between mountains, a pass, in the local lingua).

There are many, many approaches to this spot, and also you can continue to many destinations from there. Saxerlücke itself was my only destination, so my route was quite a leisure one, without too much distance or ascent. We even took the cable car from Flümsen to Stauberen. As mentioned, there are many starting points to reach Saxerlücke, many easily accessible with public transport so route can be made point to point also.

Similarly as elsewhere in the Alpstein region, the paths are well marked, there are many restaurants and mountain huts available. And scenery is stunning, surprisingly rugged considering it is not very high.

Starting pointFlümsen
End pointFlümsen
Length7.8 km (with cable car)
Highest point1816 m
Ascent550 m
Descent550 m
Food optionsPlenty, on our route we stopped at:
Berggasthaus Staubern
Berggasthaus Bollenwees
Link to SAC Tour PortalPart of many routes, no dedicated SAC Tour page
SleepingSame as food options

This route is part of the Weekend Mountaineer day trip collection, ensure you check the full list here.

Planning considerations

Route options

To reach Saxer Lücke there are four routes:

  1. From Hohen Kasten / Stauberen (where we came from)
  2. Start from Fählensee (where we went to)
  3. Coming from Altman / Säntis direction
  4. Ascending from the valley south (Gams)

I personally recommend the approach from Hohen Kasten direction, the on the ridge is visually stunning. And next time I will be here I will continue the ridge walk towards Altman.

Path to Saxer Lücke
Clear path on the ridge towards Saxer Lücke

We ascended to Fählensee for lunch, it is easy walk down to the restaurant Bollenwees, located right next to this rugged alpine lake. From there we walked towards Sämtisersee and back up to Stauberen for a post hike beer and cable car down to the valley.

Fählensee in Alpstein region, Swiss Alps
Fählensee on a late June day

Food options

As mentioned there are heaps of option for food, I cover here only few on our route:

  • Berggasthaus Staubern at the mountain station of Flümsen – Stauberen cable car.
  • Berggasthaus Bollenwees next to Fählensee – restaurant with typical alpine food from the German speaking Switzerland such as röstis, beer, sausages etc.
  • Hundsteinhütten close to Fählensee also – a SAC mountain hut with naturally overnight with half board.
Gasthaus Staubern, the starting point of our tour

What I would do differently?

We went to Saxer Lücke as a quick trip and it surely delivered. I think our speed was the slowest of any hike I have been as we stopped to look at the scenery and take photos quite often. That said, I think I would have wanted to walk the ridge longer, starting from or ending to Hoher Kasten, and perhaps taking this an overnight trip, continuing to Rothsteinpass hut next to Altman, or continuing to Wasserauen over the Bogartenlücke.

Sämtisersee, Alpstein region, Swiss Alps
View to Sämtisersee

Saxerlücke is a famously beautiful gap between the mountains (i.e. Lücke), and its’ fame is not for nothing. There are plenty of interesting routes around this spot, from T1 to T6 (Freiheit and Hundstein summits), with good services to keep it simple and many starting points reachable by public transport. Again, a highly recommendable day trip from Zürich, and works very well as an overnight destination.

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