T4 hiking route to Säntis from Schäfler, reachable on a day trip from Zurich
An alternative to the gondola to Säntis

On this page you can find a selection of mountains reachable on a day trip from Zurich HB. The travel time is an example, for one way and of course depends on time of the year and weekday. It does not include the hike up to the summit. There are often many routes to the summit, with different starting points; I try to add those to the posts where possible.

PeakElevationClosest townTravel(1)Rating(2)Ascent(2)Starting Point(2)SAC RoutePostSummitedComments
Chaiserstock2514Sisikon1:40T4+870Riemenstalden, ChäppelibergLinkAscent is from the Chäppeliberg-Spilau cable car mountain station
Säntis2502Appenzeller2:30T41200SchwägalpLink2020/09Tough one to do in a day up&down. Return to Wasserauen is possible
Rossstock2460Sisikon1:40T2750Riemenstalden, ChäppelibergLinkLink2021/03
Alvier2343Walenstadt1:40T3+630Seilbahn PalfriesLinkAlvierhütte is located at the summit. The cable car takes ~1240m ascent out.
Morgenberghorn2248Interlaken2:45T3(?)1220Pochtenfall (restaurant)LinkThe route on SAC portal is based on pathless ridge walking. Bus to last stop (Post Bus 67) runs only July-September weekends
Speer1951Amden1:50T51100KrümmenswilLinkRoute starts and ends to different chairlift mountain stations
Schäfler1925Appenzeller2:05T3(?)1070Wasserauenn/a2020/09Can be combined with Säntis. Has a restaurant and gasthaus at the summit
Grosser Mythen1898Schwyz1:40T5790BrunniLinkPost2020/06300 meters ascent can be tackled with a gondola. There is a restaurant at the summit. The hike is not T5 in my opinion, it is a well maintained path.
Rigi Hochflue1698Arth-Goldau0:50T51260Art-Golhttps://goo.gl/maps/PrJWq6wtNd58QKUi7"https://goo.gl/maps/PrJWq6wtNd58QKUi7">Arth-GoldaudauLinkRigi Hochflue – The most adventurous peak of the Rigi summits2021/06East ridge is quite challenging route
Monte Boglia1516Lugano2:50T31125Cimadera, PaeseLinkLink2020/10This is point to point and can naturally be starting from Lugano

(1) Example travel time from Zurich HB, does not include cable car etc, if relevant
(2) There can be many routes and starting points. Please see the post or the link to SAC Route Portal for details

My definition of a day trip is that train leaves no earlier than 6 am from Zurich HB and return is before midnight. Luckily many of these are way less time consuming, usually maximum 2:00-2:30 h travel each way, and that leaves 6-7 hours of hiking time before it is getting dark, even without too early morning.

There are heaps of mountains reachable on a day trip from Zurich, usually with just few hours with the brilliant Swiss public transport. The list here is by no means an exhaustive list. I will slowly add more and more destinations.

Please let me know in the comments if you have other great mountain tops that should be included.

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