Mountains above clouds
Many of the 4000ers are close to Zermatt

On this page you can find a list of all mountains above 4000 meters in Switzerland (some shared with Italy) with high level description and links how to reach the summits of these 4000ers.

PeakElevationGroupSeasonGrade(1)Ascent(2)Starting PointSAC Route(3)Post(4)PlannedSummitedComments
Dufourspitze4634Monte Rosa MassifAD-540+1750Rotenboden & Monte RosahutteLinkFrom Capanna Margherita an AD route with 300 m ascent
Nordend4609Monte Rosa MassifAD540+1720Rotenboden & Monte RosahutteLink
Zumsteinspitze4563Monte Rosa MassifPD540+1680Rotenboden & Monte RosahutteLink"one the way" to Capanna Margherita
Signalkuppe4554Monte Rosa MassifPD350+1328Endrespétz (IT) & Rifugio Giovanni Gnifetti (IT)LinkCapanna Margherita located at the summit of Signalkuppe
Dom4545Mischabel GroupMid-July to mid-SeptemberPD+1530+1640Randa & DomhütteLink2022/083100 meters ascent to train station
Liskamm (Eastern Summit)4527Wallis AlpsADvariousRifugio Giovanni Gnifetti (IT), Monte Rosahutte, or Capanna MargheritaLink
Weisshorn4505Wallis AlpsAD1540+1570Randa & WeisshornhütteLink
Täschhorn4491Mischabel GroupAD1650+710Täschalp & MischabeljochLink
Liskamm (Western Summit)4479Wallis AlpsPD875+1094Bättforkò & Capanna Quintino SellaLink
Matterhorn4478Wallis AlpsD700+1250Schwarzsee & HörnlihütteLink
Parrotspitze4432Monte Rosa Massif
Dent Blanche4357Wallis Alps
Ludwigshöhe4341Monte Rosa Massif
Nadelhorn4327Mischabel Group
Grand Combin (Grafeneire)4314Wallis Alps
Lenzspitze4294Mischabel Group
Finsteraarhorn4274Bernese Alps
Stecknadelhorn4241Mischabel Group
Castor4223Wallis AlpsAround the yearPD560Klein MatterhornOne of the easiest, can be combined with Pollux
Zinalrothorn4221Wallis Alps
Hohberghorn4219Mischabel Group
Alphubel4206Mischabel Group
Rimpfischhorn4199Mischabel Group
Aletschhorn4193Bernese Alps
Strahlhorn4190Mischabel Group- July-September
- March (skitouring)
PD1320- Brittaniahütte
- Metro Alpine mid station (skitouring)
Grand Combin (Valsorey)4184Wallis Alps
Dent d’Hérens4171Wallis Alps
Breithorn (Western Summit)4164Wallis AlpsAround the yearF415Klein MatterhornLink2022/05The easiest 4k
Breithorn (Central Summit)4159Wallis Alps
Jungfrau4158Bernese Alps
Bishorn4153Wallis AlpsJune-SeptemberF1560+895Zinal & Cabane de TracuitLink2022/06One of the easiest
Breithorn (Eastern Summit/ western Twin Peak)4139Wallis Alps
Grand Combin (Tsessette)4135Wallis Alps
Mönch4107Bernese Alps
Breithorn (Gendarm/ eastern Twin Peak)4106Wallis Alps
Pollux4092Wallis AlpsAround the yearPD426Klein MatterhornOne of the easiest, can be combined with Castor
Schreckhorn4078Bernese Alps
Breithorn (Roccia Nera)4075Wallis Alps
Ober Gabelhorn4063Wallis Alps
Piz Bernina4049Bernina Group
Gross Fiescherhorn4049Bernese Alps
Grünhorn4044Bernese Alps
Lauteraarhorn4042Bernese Alps
Dürrenhorn4035Mischabel Group
Allalinhorn4027Wallis AlpsJune-OctoberF573MittelallalinLink2020/092020/09One of the easiest
Hinter Fiescherhorn4025Bernese Alps
Weissmies4017Wallis AlpsJune-SeptemberPD+1220+1138Saas-Almagell/Almagelleralp & AlmagellerhütteLink2021/082021/07One of the easiest
Lagginhorn4010Wallis AlpsPD1280HohsaasLink

(1) Normal route
(2) Estimated per leg
(3) Link to SAC Route Portal, usually in German, can be behind paywall
(4) Link to planning or description post, if available

There are 48 mountains above 4000 meters in Switzerland, all listed here. The table will have empty cells for sure, I am not planning to summit vast majority of these mountains, so there will not be links to planning posts for many. Subject to change, naturally. I try still to populate the rating and link to SAC route or each one.

Have you summited many of these?

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