A scenic summit with skis in winter or a hike in summer
View from Rossstock summit

Considering that starting point to Rossstock is not easiest to reach with public transport it is a surprisingly popular scenic summit, with skis in winter (as I did), or a hike in summer. And it is easy to understand why, the scenery is stunning, wild, and still so accessible and technically easy.

The starting point is a family operated, small cable car that takes out 530 vertical meters, and 4 km distance. Especially during ski touring season it is quite recommendable little cheat. The downside is that the operation is small so queue can be long. We arrived on a sunny, late March Sunday briefly after 08:00 and we got the 2nd last parking spot and the waiting time for the cable car was one hour.

Reaching to valley station with public transport is not easiest thing to do. There was exactly one bus to valley station in the morning and exactly one bus back to Sisikon in the afternoon. It might be different in the summer, but is how it was in March 2021. So we used Mobility to get there (and more crucially, to ensure we get back home).

Starting pointRiemenstalden, Chäppeliberg
End pointRiemenstalden, Chäppeliberg
Length6.7 km + 4 km without cable car
Highest point2460 m
Ascent750 m + 530 m
Descent750 m + 530 m
GradePD (ski touring)
T2 (hiking)
Food optionsLidernenhütte
Link to SAC Tour PortalLink

This route is part of the Weekend Mountaineer day trip collection, ensure you check the full list here.

Planning considerations

Route options

The route to Rossstock goes by Lidernen hutte, no matter if you take the cable car or not. And while there are some variations how the available tracks tackled the terrain, all followed pretty much the same route up to the summit. The last leg to the summit is steep, and best to traverse on foot.

Starting point to Rossstock
Beautiful scenery – and easy to find the track up

Route down is about the same, and at the hut there is option to go back to cable car or ski down through the forest. While there were enough show, there hasn’t been any new snow lately and the week was warm, so the route was quite icy. We took the cable car back and as we saw people on the forest track, and how little they were enjoying, I think we made a wise call.

On the way to Rossstock
Nice, even ground to go up

Food options

There is only one option for food, at least I didn’t notice anything around the cable car valley station:

  • Lidernenhütte (close to cable car top station) – a SAC mountain hut with naturally overnight with half board. We were here during the restaurant closure period, so we just had a take away beer on our way back.
View next to Rossstock
View from our lunch spot

What I would do differently?

Even though I believed we would be have been early at the valley station we were too close to not have a parking spot anymore, so I would arrive even earlier. Other thing is that this was my first proper ski touring with new gear. I think in the next season I start with a bit less ascent to practice my technique and also do a bit more free ski rounds with lift to get familiar with the skis.

Summit push to Rossstock
The summit push – last 90 vertical meters

Rossstock is a beautiful, relatively easy and accessible mountain, a scenic summit with skis in winter or a hike in summer. In the hiking season the next summits, Fulen and Chaiserstock, are close by and should be easy to combine into one hike. A highly recommendable day trip from Zürich.

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