View from Piz Languard summit
View from the summit, with roof of Chapanna Georgys visible

Piz Languard is close to St.Moritz and Pontresina, and provides a technically easy 3000m mountain hike. There are two starting points which gives an option to complete the hike as point to point, and one of the starting points offers a chair lift help if that is preferred.

The scenery differs significantly between the start / end points, path from Diavolezza is quite wild and austere, and Pontresina more green, with multiple paths and services, like a previously mentioned chair lift.

Travel time to Diavolezza is nearly 4 hours from Zurich HB, so this hike is at least an overnight trip with a night at the valley to enable early start or ideally a two night journey with staying overnight at the Georgy’s hutte 80 meters from the Piz Languard summit. I did both which enabled a stress free hiking tempo and a beautiful sunset at the summit.

Sunset at Piz Languard
Sunset seen from Chamanna Georgy
Starting pointBernina Diavolezza
End pointPontresina
Length19 km
Highest point3263 m
Ascent1426 m
Descent1734 m
Food optionsChamanna Georgy (80 meters from the summit)
Paradis Hütte (half way between summit and Pontresina)
Link to SAC Tour Portallink
SleepingChamanna Georgy

Planning considerations

Route options

While there is only one way to the top, there are two main starting points to the reach to the last 350 vertical meters. From Pontresina or Bernina Diavolezza, both reachable by train.

Path to Piz Languard summit
The last leg to the summit is same from all starting points

The starting points are very different, Pontresina starting from a village and initial part is through a forest or even with a chair lift, whereas Bernina Diavolezza is already pretty much above the tree line and is quite barren. Latter is also 250 meters higher (explaining the difference in vegetation).

Alpine lake Lej da Pischa
Alpine lake Lej da Pischa at 2770 meters, on the way from Bernina Diavolezza to Piz Languard

The path from Bernina Diavolezza also is without any services – we had a packed lunch at the beautiful Lej da Pischa after the first 750 meters of ascent.

Food options

In addition to the valley restaurants there are two options:

  • Chamanna Georgy (80 meters from the summit) – typical mountain hut options and half board with overnight stay. The coffee here was fantastic, I carried my Aeropress for nothing, and also food was one of the better ones I have had on mountain hut.
  • Paradis Hütte (half way between summit and Pontresina) – we had small lunch here on the way down, I had bruschetta and it was great: proper bread, good tomatoes and correct amount of garlic.
Lonely bench on Swiss Alps

What I would do differently?

I think starting from Bernina Diavolezza was good decision. While it saves few hundred meters ascent, the profile is much nicer for ascent, it has few quite steep parts, and good amount of flat terrain to balance it. There are lakes, open views, and much less traffic and also it is more wild.

Descent for me is always the less interesting part, so there I think it helped that the terrain was more changing, and we were clearly walking towards a town as there are services available and many more hikers also.

Resting at the Piz Languard summit
Resting at the Piz Languard summit

Piz Languard offers a technically easy 3000m mountain hike with beautiful scenery, wide range of terrain to see, from barren stone landscape to lush forests. The hike does not have any technically difficult parts, and there is option to stay overnight proximity of the summit, with very friendly hosts. Highly recommendable weekend trip from Zürich.

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