The story of ‘The Weekend Mountaineer’

It took me a few years to understand and appreciate the wild side of the Swiss alps. Taking a gondola or funicular up, walking the 5 minutes to a restaurant for a usually questionable lunch with nice view and a beer or two and going home same route afterwards is nice, but it was not enough. I wanted to get to know the Alps more intimately, to hike and climb them. This blog is the diary of this journey, the story of ‘The Weekend Mountaineer’.

Rösti and beer at Hohsaas
One of the better mountain lunches at Panorama Restaurant Hohsaas

So even me, a man from the sea level couldn’t resist the call of the mountains, living next to the most beautiful and accessible mountains in the world, is a blessing like no other. But that took me to next challenge, how to start. While there are heaps of information out there, it is hidden in different languages, locations and even in paper brochures. And not to even mention the unwritten knowledge that all the Swiss seem to get somewhere. It was intimidating at first, seemed like a herculean task not knowing where to start.

This blog is the product of my journey to understand the mountains and myself, my story to become the weekend mountaineer.

How to use this blog?

This blog has few main post categories that have helped me to hike on the Swiss Alps, and I hope these are helpful for you too.

  • Hike posts. I will not be documenting my hikes with detail, or even have loads of pictures, but to describe my planning and route decisions, and what would I do differently if I do it again. This is to keep the joy of hiking and discovery unspoiled, and help you with your planning.
  • Plans. I publish my mid to long term summit plans. Plans are also part of the route tables where I collect target months for each mountain.
  • Route rating descriptions. The various route ratings are quite confusing in the beginning, and not easily available in English, except here.
  • Routes. These pages are basically tables to list different mountains. There is a list of all 4000er mountains in Switzerland, with how to reach them and also an ever growing collection of mountains that can be reached on a day trip from Zurich HB. I kept these earlier on a separate spreadsheet, and thought to combine it here too.

In addition to the posts, I have a collection of links to resources I have helpful.

And last but not least

  • I am not a professional on this topic – I have a day job and the purpose of this blog is to document the information in one place that I regularly access
  • I am most definitely not a certified alpine guide (e.g. Bergführer FA, Wanderleiter FA, or Kletterlehrer FA), but one who takes his groundwork seriously and intends to come back from mountains safely home every single time.
  • I put significant effort to collect the information but everything changes and might not be accurate anymore at the time you read it. Where possible, I try to link the information to the original source. It is your responsibility to validate the accuracy of the information before acting on it, and understand if the information provided on site suits your situation and plans.
  • It is always recommendable to use a qualified, professional mountain guide when entering new challenges, I have done it for sure, and it is worth the money. I am not liable for any misfortunes you might experience.
  • All the information provided on this site is for general information and entertainment purposes only. The information here should be taken as entertainment and not as an imperative to summit any peaks. You are actioning on the provided information at your own risk.

Please read also the full Privacy Policy.

I hope you you enjoy following my story as the weekend mountaineer, please feel free to contact me if anything.