View to Grosser Mythen from Brunni
View to Grosser Mythen from the starting point

Grosser Mythen is easily accessible from Zurich with train and a bus on a day trip and provides proper mountain hiking conditions, with rewarding 360 degree views. The ease of access naturally means place is crowded, especially on weekends. The hike up is graded T5 but I personally have been on more technically difficult ones that have been graded T4. It is exposed for sure, but there is nothing too difficult.

Starting pointBrunni
End pointBrunni
Length7.4 km
Highest point1898 m
Ascent790 m
Descent790 m
Food optionsRestaurant Grosser Mythen (summit)
Restaurant Holzegg (before T5 part starts)
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This route is part of the Weekend Mountaineer day trip collection, ensure you check the full list here.

Planning considerations

Route options

While there is only one way to the top, there are few ways to the Holzegg where the T5 part starts:

Mountain hiking trail to Grosser Mythen
While the trail is graded T5 and is quite exposed, there are chains and other help

Probably the easiest starting point is from Brunni (SZ), and take the nice forest path up to Holzegg. There is also a gondola option, but the ascent is only 300 meters or so. Other starting point is from Schwyz side of Grosser Mythen but is is significantly lower, nearly triple the ascent meters to Holzegg compared to starting from Brunni.

Food options

In addition to the restaurants at Brunni there are two options:

  • Restaurant Holzegg, right before the mountain hike part really begins. This is typical restaurant that you see at hiking / skiing locations, with self service options
  • Restaurant Grosser Mythen at the summit offers limited food options, I only drank a beer, but there were also sausages, sandwiches and that style of offering
The restaurant at the Grosser Mythen summit
The restaurant at the Grosser Mythen summit

What I would do differently?

While the weather was clear and warm, the view from the summit was only sporadically open, and mostly to north, meaning towards the flatter part of Switzerland. The key thing once again is the weather. I used this hike as a test hike for a bit more serious hike that had similar ascent and length profile as part of the route, so the timing was given and I had only weekend possibilities.

View to Vierwaldstättersee from Grosser Mythen summit
790 vertical meters deliver a nice view to Vierwaldstättersee, even with clouds

Otherwise I wouldn’t change anything, I don’t find value of starting from Schwyz when the main part of the hike is still the same.

View from Grosser Mythen summit to starting point
Looking back at the starting point from the summit

Grosser Mythen provides easily accessible mountain hiking, gives you a good amount of meters to walk up, is safe but still exposed (if that is your thing) and rewards with a nice view and did I mention, cold beer is also available at the top. What else one can hope for a day trip from Zurich HB?

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